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Beautiful Places To Travel With Family & Friends This Spring | Michael Luchen

Beautiful Places To Travel With Family & Friends This Spring

Beautiful Places To Travel With Family & Friends This Spring | Michael LuchenWhile many people are preparing to go to the beach for a spring vacation, there are so many other places in the world to visit. Below, you will find just three of the many beautiful places you can travel to with your friends and family this spring.

1. Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaWith the coming of spring, you’ll find the sidewalks in Vancouver lined with freshly fallen cherry blossom petals since the entire city and outlying suburbs are rich with cherry blossom trees. Take the futuristic sky train system from city to city as you browse through bookshops, sprawling markets, and restaurants that serve food from every continent. Don’t forget to stop in Richmond to bask in the food and foreign product palace that is the Richmond Night MarketWhistler Blackcomb Ski Resort is still open during the spring and taking skiers and snowboarders alike. Victoria on Vancouver Island is an essential place to visit. It can only be reached after a nearly three-hour-long ferry trip across beautiful waters and small islands. Regardless of the sights and adventures that you and your family want to enjoy, you can find it all in Vancouver as well as that famous Canadian hospitality and maple syrup, eh.

2. Washington D.C, United States

Not to be outdone by Vancouver, the heart of our nation’s capital also boasts it’s own season of cherry blossom trees in a Cherry Blossom Festival held every year. These trees line the Tidal Basin and blossom into full, vivid colors for only a few days, so it’s vital that you check in with the Cherry Blossom Watch website to learn updates and time frames to view the cherry blossom trees in their full splendor. In addition to festivals, D.C. is rich with museumstours of the capitol buildings, and a deliciously diverse food culture.

3. Sevilla, Spain

Renew your passport and go on a European vacation in Sevilla, Spain. Spring is the best time to visit this rich and beautiful country since the orange blossoms will be in bloom, spreading their sweet scent across the city. Being such an ancient city, Sevilla possesses an impressive cathedral and the La Giralda tower that looms over everyone below. You can even visit a real Moorish royal palace that is now considered a World Heritage Site.

5 Destinations To Visit During Your All American Family Vacation Michael Luchen

5 Destinations To Visit During Your All-American Family Vacation

5 Destinations To Visit During Your All-American Family Vacation _ Michael Luchen All-American vacations are like no other vacations.

There’s nothing quite like gathering up the kids, putting them in the car, and taking them on the road. The best family vacations are the one that reminds you of your own experiences with family.

Whether you and the entire family decide to turn your wheel west and head toward Boston, or South and head toward Disney World, there are some options for a family vacation this upcoming Spring or Summer that’s as fun as it is educational. 
Consider some of the kid-friendly attractions available around the country, and be sure you take note of not just the fantastic hotspots, but the potential landmarks where you can make the most memories together while celebrating this great nation. Read on to learn more:

Boston: Boston is incredible because it has incredible parks, culture, and amazing sports. The attractions, such as the New England Aquarium, is lovely, and the city has an astonishing sporting history that indeed extends to baseball.

Washington, DC: The nation’s capital is a vibrant city that loaded with remarkable government buildings, landmarks, and monuments. The Capitol, the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, and the White House demonstrate the glory of this great nation. Visits to the city also mean access to the original “Star-Spangled Banner” and the Air and Space Museum. This, of course, is just the tip of the iceberg.

Gettysburg: Gettysburg is a city that’s marked by its rich history. The town is educational and beautiful, so guided bus tours of the town and historical re-enactments are frequently in demand. It’s enjoyable for the entire family.

Huntsville: Huntsville, Alabama is a stunning place to visit because of its wealth of NASA memorabilia. Also, there’s the Purdy Butterfly House and Huntsville Botanical Garden.

Williamsburg: Williamsburg, Virginia is an exceptional place to visit, as it houses the country’s largest interactive museum. The colonial history of the area is alive and well and educates visitors through evocative exhibits and a trip down memory lane. Perks of visiting Williamsburg also includes Busch Gardens amusement park, family-style dining, and beautiful scenery.

Some other places you may want to visit in Bloomington, Minnesota; Charlotte, North Carolina, or Williams, Arizona. What other great American cities are you looking forward to traveling to with your family?


Michael Luchen | Summer

5 Financial Reasons You Should Start Planning For That Summer Getaway Today

Michael Luchen | SummerSummer is far from now, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t start planning. 

There are several reasons why we ought to start organizing for trips week or even months ahead of your summer vacation date, but consider the following five financial reasons:

First, consider new tax laws. Contrary to what many people believe, taxes will place more of a burden on working-class and middle-class people. If you are looking to take a vacation, now is the time to get your finances together, because you will be paying taxes later on in the year.

Second, you never know what may happen later on. If you are the victim of an emergency, you may have to pay money to take care of it. With health insurance costs rising, you never know how much you will have to pay out-of-pocket. It is better to set aside the money for your vacation now rather than wait and possibly have to give it up because of a health issue.

Third, you will get the best prices for your summer getaway if you purchase everything ahead of time. Your accommodations, plane tickets, and extra essentials will cost less if you pay for them now. Why wait until the summer hits and pay full price for them – let all of the latecomers do that while you enjoy the rest of your expendable income in cash.

Fourth, if you put away money for your summer getaway now, you can gain interest on that money while you wait for the summer to come. You may be able to turn that $5000 savings account into $5500 or $6000 by the time the summer rolls around, but only if you put it aside early and invested properly. The sooner that you save money, the sooner that you can talk to a financial advisor who will let you know exactly how you can use your money to build it for your summer vacation.

Finally, putting aside money right now helps to organize your schedule financially for the rest of the year. There is no reason to confuse your schedule later on – set aside the money in your budget now so that you can create the rest of your budget for the summer as well. If you are genuinely financially savvy, then you will be able to develop a budget for the winter season as well. You may even be able to take a vacation in those winter months! Do not put anything outside of your potential until you see how your finances look.

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