The Importance Of Eating Together As A Family Michael Luchen

Wildly hectic schedules plague many households; as a result, families aren’t eating together as much as they used to or as much as they should. In fact, some people don’t think that this issue matters at all. Instead of continuing to eat apart, families should consider the reasons to spend this time together.


Building Relationships

When families are trying to keep up with the bills, enroll the kids in multiple activities and get those same kids into the best colleges, they often forget about the importance of their relationships with each other. Eating dinner together can actually build relationships. Parents may discover that their children are more willing to open up about problems, or siblings may learn that they actually have quite a bit in common after all.


Eating Healthy Meals

It’s possible that family members are still eating health foods even if they aren’t together. However, it’s more likely that they are grabbing a quick bite on the run, which means they are eating fast food or a meal that doesn’t have all of the necessary nutrients. Eating together can help to resolve this problem unless, of course, the family is calling for takeout every night. Instead of just eating together, family members can also prepare meals together. Healthy meals don’t have to involve tons of preparation; quick and healthy meals are certainly an option.


Learning about One Another

A sad day arrives when brothers don’t know what classes their sisters are taking in college and parents aren’t sure of the name of the company where their partner works. In a world where families often don’t have enough time to chat, these realities often come into fruition. If family members are all sitting down together at least once per day and talking during the meal, they are going to know more about each other. Chances are that this experience will lead to a happier and healthier home overall.

The thought of adding another activity onto days that are already packed might seem overwhelming. One option is to cut down on the activities that aren’t contributing anything positive to family life. Another option is to recognize how important time with family members is. Carving out an extra 30 minutes or one hour each day to have dinner together is more than possible.