How To Plan An Affordable Family Vacation Michael Luchen

Planning a vacation for the family can be stressful especially one that will be affordable. Many times, due to the budget, most people settle for a quick weekend getaway or a staycation at the grandparents’ house. However, you have many options beyond those two and with a little bit a creativity and planning ahead of time, you can cut some of those vacation costs and still have a wonderful time. So, here are some tips for planning an affordable family vacation.


Look For Discounted Vacation Packages

Be on the lookout for any family vacation packages offered on various discount sites like Groupon and Living Social. These sites can provide real savings if you have the flexibility in your schedule. Take a look here for more great places where you can find affordable vacation packages.


Off-Peak Pricing

Have you ever been to a mountain ski resort during the summer, or a beach resort very early or very late in beach season? These are examples of vacation destinations that can be more charming, relaxing and even less expensive during the off-season periods when fewer tourists are around. So, be sure to take advantage of any off-peak pricing for vacations.


Cut Back on Extras

Many times, one of the easiest ways to clear room in your budget for a vacation is by cutting back on some of the extra expenses. For example, you can stay at a hotel that comes with a substantial free breakfast which would eliminate the cost of at least one meal per day. Another option is by searching for hotels or resorts where children eat or stay for free. Or even booking a room that comes with a kitchen so that you can cook a few of your own meals. If you are someone who flies often, you can sign up for a frequent flier program which can come with waived baggage fees. Drivers can utilize apps like Gas Buddy to save on gas costs as it helps you find the cheapest gas in your area.


Think Beyond The Traditional Hotel Room

If your family is feeling adventurous, you will be able to find plenty of comfortable, low-cost travel alternatives that will make for a much more interesting trip. Larger families can even consider renting a vacation that will allow you to accommodate bigger groups for a much cheaper price, especially for longer stays. A great resource to use is which has a list of almost a half-million rental lodgings around the world. Finally, what better way to spend a family vacation than with a campsite, especially if you love the outdoors. You will be able to find some incredible campsites on that include spots with beach and water activities, fishing, golf courses, horseback riding, and much more.