How To Make Chores More Fun Michael Luchen

Chores are typically not the most enjoyable part of anyone’s day. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the average American spends close to forty minutes per day cleaning and this includes washing dishes after dinner and making beds, amongst other responsibilities. Along with that, anyone who has spent their Saturday scrubbing the floors or trying to get the mirrors streak-free will tell you that it wasn’t the highlight of their week. However, performing house chores do not have to drive you crazy and in fact can be quite enjoyable. Let’s take a look at some tricks you can implement to make chores much more fun.


Add Music

A quick and easy way to make your cleaning marathon a lot less dull is by putting on some music. If you are looking to maximize your motivation, try listening to something that is upbeat. According to a study by researchers at Texas Tech University, the participants who listened to up-tempo music were able to work out for longer, which means this could translate to chores and make them fly by as well.


Make A List Of Things To Accomplish

Before breaking out the broom, take some time to create a clear picture in mind of what you want to accomplish while you are cleaning. This will make it much easier to determine when you are done, and it might even make you more likely to finish the tasks you have set your mind to. Another study at the Dominican University of California saw that by writing down their goals, the study subjects were significantly more likely to achieve them.


Offer Incentives

Adding incentives can go a long way when it comes to getting things done around the house. By promising yourself or your children a fun activity or a treat after a long day of cleaning can make everyone involved more inclined to get things done in a timely fashion.


Add Competition

Another great way to get the whole family involved is by including some healthy competition with the chores. This can make things more fun and productive if there is some kind of prize or bragging rights on the line. You can offer something as simple as stickers or even extra TV time on the weekend to whoever can clean up their space the fastest.