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Own A Business, Raise Your Margins and Save Money Every Month on Your Credit Card Processing Bill

BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Feb. 12, 2018 – eTradeWire — The payment processing industry is particularly competitive because businesses get contacted with numerous offers. As a result, it can be difficult to get a business to believe the deals that OKMerchant can offer. Michael and his team work hard to convince potential customers that they are different. They never raise rates […]

American Express : Michael Luchen Improves And Extends Platform To Help Business Owners Reduce Credit Card Processing Fees

In a world dominated by fees, there are solutions that can reduce costs for business owners. Michael Luchen has a plan which reduces credit card processing fees. “We also have full control of the American Express rate, and with a buy-rate of Interchange + 0 and $0per transaction it is very easy for me to save your business 30-40%” — Michael Luchen […]

Staycation-in-NYC-With-the-Kids_-No-Problem!-10-Great-Things-To-Do! | Michael Luchen

Staycation in NYC With the Kids? No Problem! 10 Great Things To Do!

New York is filled with incredible places to enjoy your staycation with the kids. You can enjoy your holiday in the parks, at the movies with a glass of wine, or by being a tourist. Bronx Zoo Have an all-day affair at the Bronx Zoo. No need to travel to Asia to see the Himalayan […]

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