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Beautiful Places To Travel With Family & Friends This Spring | Michael Luchen

Beautiful Places To Travel With Family & Friends This Spring

While many people are preparing to go to the beach for a spring vacation, there are so many other places in the world to visit. Below, you will find just three of the many beautiful places you can travel to with your friends and family this spring. 1. Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaWith the coming of […]

5 Destinations To Visit During Your All American Family Vacation Michael Luchen

5 Destinations To Visit During Your All-American Family Vacation

All-American vacations are like no other vacations. There’s nothing quite like gathering up the kids, putting them in the car, and taking them on the road. The best family vacations are the one that reminds you of your own experiences with family. Whether you and the entire family decide to turn your wheel west and head […]

5 Life Events That Demand Financial Planning Michael Luchen

5 Life Events That Demand Financial Planning

Life is predictably unpredictable. Regardless of your age or occupation, there will always be an event that life brings your way which will require financial planning. If you’re just starting out in adulthood, there are five specific life events that demand financial planning for which you should prepare. A New Baby Creating a family with […]

Michael Luchen | Summer

5 Financial Reasons You Should Start Planning For That Summer Getaway Today

Summer is far from now, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t start planning.  There are several reasons why we ought to start organizing for trips week or even months ahead of your summer vacation date, but consider the following five financial reasons: First, consider new tax laws. Contrary to what many people believe, taxes will place more […]

Self Guided Tours | Michael Luchen

Walking NYC: Self-Guided Tours Enliven NYC Day Trips

Excellent pizza, standout bagels, and glorious appetite-whetting food of Chinatown and the East Village are just some elements that set New York City apart from other cities, and those features are best experienced by foot. If you can only manage to visit NYC for a day, know that Tribeca, the Financial District, and the South Street […]

Own A Business, Raise Your Margins and Save Money Every Month on Your Credit Card Processing Bill

BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Feb. 12, 2018 – eTradeWire — The payment processing industry is particularly competitive because businesses get contacted with numerous offers. As a result, it can be difficult to get a business to believe the deals that OKMerchant can offer. Michael and his team work hard to convince potential customers that they are different. They never raise rates […]

American Express : Michael Luchen Improves And Extends Platform To Help Business Owners Reduce Credit Card Processing Fees

In a world dominated by fees, there are solutions that can reduce costs for business owners. Michael Luchen has a plan which reduces credit card processing fees. “We also have full control of the American Express rate, and with a buy-rate of Interchange + 0 and $0per transaction it is very easy for me to save your business 30-40%” — Michael Luchen […]

Staycation In Nyc With The Kids No Problem! 10 Great Things To Do! | Michael Luchen

Staycation in NYC With the Kids? No Problem! 10 Great Things To Do!

New York is filled with incredible places to enjoy your staycation with the kids. You can enjoy your holiday in the parks, at the movies with a glass of wine, or by being a tourist. Bronx Zoo Have an all-day affair at the Bronx Zoo. No need to travel to Asia to see the Himalayan […]

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