Tips For A Successful Family Meeting Michael Luchen

Tips For A Successful Family Meeting

Even the most dedicated parents can struggle with the task of strengthening the family bond. One of the best ways of achieving this goal is by holding regular weekly family meetings. These have proven to be one of the most effective bonding activity that families can do in order to generate harmony and connection amongst […]

Outdoor Travel Experiences For The Family Michael Luchen

Outdoor Travel Experiences For The Family

Going on a family vacation allows you to bond and enjoy yourselves without the immediate stress of time management and bills. Embarking on an adventure with the family creates an opportunity to explore the natural world and have a unique experience to remember. If you haven’t considered outdoor travel experiences, here are five suggestions from […]

Tips For Bringing The Family Closer

When you have a family, remaining close as a unit may be one of your top priorities. Due to busy schedules and responsibilities, it can often be easy to lose touch with one another throughout the year. If you want to bring your family closer together, there are a few main tips to follow.   […]

How To Plan An Affordable Family Vacation

Planning a vacation for the family can be stressful especially one that will be affordable. Many times, due to the budget, most people settle for a quick weekend getaway or a staycation at the grandparents’ house. However, you have many options beyond those two and with a little bit a creativity and planning ahead of […]

Affordable Summer Family Vacations

Summer vacations are a great opportunity to bring the family together for a fun getaway. These can be quite expensive depending on where you go, however, there are plenty of destinations that will not break the bank. Summer season is very busy in terms of traveling, so picking the right destination can make all the […]

The Importance of Eating As A Family

Wildly hectic schedules plague many households; as a result, families aren’t eating together as much as they used to or as much as they should. In fact, some people don’t think that this issue matters at all. Instead of continuing to eat apart, families should consider the reasons to spend this time together.   Building […]

Family-Friendly-NYC-Airbnbs-That-Are-Easy-On-Your-Budget-Michael-Luchen_resized (1)

Family-Friendly NYC Airbnbs That Are Easy on Your Budget

It comes as no surprise to most that spending the night in the Big Apple is not cheap. However, that shouldn’t deter you from bringing the family to one of the greatest cities in the world. There are so many big-time attractions to take in such as Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, and the […]

Best-US-Summer-Travel-Spots-For-the-Whole-Family-Michael-Luchen_resized (1)

Best US Summer Travel Spots for the Whole Family

School is almost out, and the workloads are beginning to lighten up which means summer season is right around the corner. Summer is the prime season for family travel. There are many factors that can make a vacation destination stand out to families such as attractions that appeal to children, family-friendly accommodations, and simple travel […]

Beautiful Places To Travel With Family & Friends This Spring | Michael Luchen

Beautiful Places To Travel With Family & Friends This Spring

While many people are preparing to go to the beach for a spring vacation, there are so many other places in the world to visit. Below, you will find just three of the many beautiful places you can travel to with your friends and family this spring. 1. Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaWith the coming of […]

5 Destinations To Visit During Your All-American Family Vacation _ Michael Luchen

5 Destinations To Visit During Your All-American Family Vacation

All-American vacations are like no other vacations. There’s nothing quite like gathering up the kids, putting them in the car, and taking them on the road. The best family vacations are the one that reminds you of your own experiences with family. Whether you and the entire family decide to turn your wheel west and head […]

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