5 Destinations To Visit During Your All-American Family Vacation _ Michael Luchen All-American vacations are like no other vacations.

There’s nothing quite like gathering up the kids, putting them in the car, and taking them on the road. The best family vacations are the one that reminds you of your own experiences with family.

Whether you and the entire family decide to turn your wheel west and head toward Boston, or South and head toward Disney World, there are some options for a family vacation this upcoming Spring or Summer that’s as fun as it is educational. 
Consider some of the kid-friendly attractions available around the country, and be sure you take note of not just the fantastic hotspots, but the potential landmarks where you can make the most memories together while celebrating this great nation. Read on to learn more:

Boston: Boston is incredible because it has incredible parks, culture, and amazing sports. The attractions, such as the New England Aquarium, is lovely, and the city has an astonishing sporting history that indeed extends to baseball.

Washington, DC: The nation’s capital is a vibrant city that loaded with remarkable government buildings, landmarks, and monuments. The Capitol, the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, and the White House demonstrate the glory of this great nation. Visits to the city also mean access to the original “Star-Spangled Banner” and the Air and Space Museum. This, of course, is just the tip of the iceberg.

Gettysburg: Gettysburg is a city that’s marked by its rich history. The town is educational and beautiful, so guided bus tours of the town and historical re-enactments are frequently in demand. It’s enjoyable for the entire family.

Huntsville: Huntsville, Alabama is a stunning place to visit because of its wealth of NASA memorabilia. Also, there’s the Purdy Butterfly House and Huntsville Botanical Garden.

Williamsburg: Williamsburg, Virginia is an exceptional place to visit, as it houses the country’s largest interactive museum. The colonial history of the area is alive and well and educates visitors through evocative exhibits and a trip down memory lane. Perks of visiting Williamsburg also includes Busch Gardens amusement park, family-style dining, and beautiful scenery.

Some other places you may want to visit in Bloomington, Minnesota; Charlotte, North Carolina, or Williams, Arizona. What other great American cities are you looking forward to traveling to with your family?