Michael Luchen Headshot
Michael Luchen has worked in the sales industry for over twenty years. He also has over five years of experience in the electronic payment industry in total. During his career, Michael has been involved in numerous industries including real estate and finance. However, after working in the electronic payment industry, Michael believes that it’s the best industry that a salesperson can work in. Currently, Michael Luchen serves as the CEO and Founder of Arcadia Merchant Services, INC.

Each day, Michael Luchen works hard serving customers and helping his team. One of the biggest motivating factors in his life is his family. Michael has four children named Christina, Marissa, Peter, and Michael between the ages of 9-14. He enjoys spending as much time with them and his “Beautiful Wife Rania” as possible. Michael was remarried in March of 2016 and knows that he was waiting for her his whole life. He hopes that one day his children might work in the sales industry themselves and experience a rewarding career just like he has. Being successful in sales requires an understanding of psychology—specifically what motivates people to make purchase decisions. Whenever Michael talks with his children about his career, he takes the time to point out the importance of understanding how the mind works.

One of the reasons why Michael Luchen enjoys working in the electronic payment industry is that he gets to help business owners every day. 

Michael Luchen Family

Honesty and integrity are two essential keys to succeeding in sales. These qualities have helped Michael Luchen achieve a lot over the years. Therefore, he makes a point of teaching his children the importance of treating people with respect. Michael has always believed that if you treat customers right then they will treat you right in return, and he applies the same thinking to how he treats people in general.

Some of Michael Luchen’s children’s favorite activities include bowling, going to the movies, and exploring New York City.

Michael Luchen